Relax & recharge your batteries

Because sweating is good for you

The Klockerhaus sauna world

Who has spent a summer holiday in the Hohe Tauern National Park or a skiing holiday in the Zillertal Arena knows, how great it feels to have a sauna session in the evening. After doing sports or spending an outdoor day there is no better thing than relaxing in the sauna. We absolutely do not want to tell you how to spend your holiday… But to be honest, visiting our sauna area is just something that has to be done!

Taking a sauna has a lot of benefits for your health. When you are on an active holiday, you will especially appreciate the relaxing effects for the muscles. Moreover, sweating helps you to flush harmful toxins that have been accumulated in your body. Sauna bathing also strengthens the immune system, improves the cardiovascular performance and activates the metabolism. Therefore, sauna bathing does not only make your holiday in Krimml more relaxing, but also health-enhancing.

Taking a sauna regularly is also recommended for asthmatics and people who suffer from a respiratory disease. At the same time, Krimml is very popular among asthmatics because of the natural curative power of the Krimml Waterfalls. Therefore, the Klockerhaus and its sauna area are the perfect destination for all those who want to spend their holiday in Krimml and improve their health, too.

Please note that the age limit of 16 years applies to the sauna world. Furthermore, we would like to point out that you are not allowed to wear clothes or bathing wear in our entire wellness area (nudist section).

Klockerhaus special: sauna area with Grander water

Grander water comes out of every tab in the National Park Hotel Klockerhaus – also in the wellness and spa area. Grander water has some unique characteristics and we use them to improve our well-being.

Brine steam bath

The hypoallergenic, salt-containing air in the brine steam bath is beneficial for your health and also promises to alleviate respiratory diseases. Therefore, the brine steam bath is a crucial part of the Klockerhaus sauna world.

The Zirbenschwitzstube, our sanarium

Our Zirbenschwitzstube is a sanarium, which is a mild type of sauna, where the temperatures are lower and the humidity is higher than in the Finnish sauna. This is just the right place for you to relax and sweat. At the same time, you can benefit from the power of pine wood, which has been known for its positive effects on well-being for ages.

Infrared sauna with colour light therapy

Infrared saunas provide warmth and do not stress the body as much as normal saunas. The colours ensure additional relaxation.

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